We offer the best solutions for Storage, Industry, Offices and Studios/Rooms, between 50 and 3000m2.

The Complex is served by a system of paved roads enabling the movement of light and heavy vehicles, and also by a water, natural gas and telephone supply system, as well as a sewage system.

Electricity is supplied at 220 or 380V, through a transformation substation, with its own transformers, with power to meet the needs of each company.

The Industrial Complex comprises also:

  • Loading and unloading bays for TIR (International Road Transports) trucks
  • Coffee shop with a Restaurant
  • Parking lot for light vehicles and TIR trucks
  • Central fire-extinguishing system with hydrants and hose reels widely distributed throughout the common spaces and industrial units
  • Outdoor and street lighting
  • Access control system with active safety and security patrols during closing times
  • CCTV video surveillance 24 hours a day
  • Landscaped common traffic and leisure areas
  • ANPC (National Civil Protection Authority) certification of all self-protection measures against fire risks set out in Decree-Law 220/2008
  • Post office (within 50 meters)

Storage / Industry

  • 2.80 to 9 m height
  • Shelving - assembling and installation
  • Electric /rolling manual/up and over gates
  • Unloading bays for heavy vehicles, with access levelling device
  • Specific finishes for: food processing Industry, repair shops, pharmaceutical, Industry, etc…
  • Ventilation: roof ventilators or windows
  • Single or double plate roofs with thermal insulation
  • Fire detection systems

Offices / Rooms / Studios / Storerooms

  • Telephone, electrical and internet infrastructure
  • Canteens, kitchens and pantries
  • Floating or stone floors
  • Windscreens with gradation of light
  • Air conditioning pre-installation
  • Complete WC’s for both genders