The Industrial Complex operates as a private area for each company, served by equal benefits reinforced with a daily follow up of our maintenance services.

As the managing company of the complex, COTAI, S.A. offers also to all the users, and with no additional costs, the following services:

  • Assistance and advice in bureaucratic matters involved in the installation process
  • Maintenance of gates, roofs and external window frames, water piping and electrical installations regarding the various halls
  • Maintenance and preservation of roads, parking places and gardens
  • Integrated Security System with surveillance cameras and video recording 24h/day, electronic opening gates, human and electronic security
  • Access control system with active safety and security patrols during closing times
  • Widely distributed vertical signs indicating the customer’s location inside the Complex
  • Adjustment works aimed at future users. (Electricity, WC’s, etc…)
  • Assistance and advice regarding the compliance with the self-protection measures and OHH