After more than half a century of activity Parque Industrial da Cotai (Cotai Industrial Complex) is a success story in Portugal, requested by internationally recognised companies, turning this park into one of the oldest and more successful industrial complexes of the private sector in this country.

COTAI, S.A., dedicated to constructing, selling and renting of properties and undertaking urban planning studies, reaches a peak within its specific experience with the construction of an Industrial Complex. This Industrial Complex is a private condominium space with warehouses rented to companies which benefit from various common services, being part of an “industrial centre”, a concept which is not very common in Portugal, operated as a real “shopping centre”.

In our effort towards ongoing evolution, we have reached today the European level as far as industrial complexes are concerned, a reason why our occupancy rate is around 90%, showing, in practical terms, that this innovative concept in Portugal is one of the best solutions for companies, which seek a warehouse and not the exorbitant costs of its construction and annual maintenance.